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Best fishing trap aroundCommercial size Smallest size when collapsedPatented design

Quality workmanship Durable carrying bagAll Stainless steel construction

FFT News ! (July 2014)



Flex Fold Traps
to UK and Europe

If you live in the UK or Europe I can ship directly to you. The cost is $170 (CDN) including shipping (Canada Post).

Contact me by email at

Red Bag

Small Mesh Prawn Traps
in Red Bags

The smaller mesh traps (5/8"mesh) which are legal in Canada and Southern Alaska are now available in Washington stores.

They are also legal in some areas of Washington for brief openings.

If you have trouble locating one, give me an email at

Blue Bag

Large Mesh Prawn Traps
in Blue Bags

The larger 7/8" mesh prawn traps come in a blue bag. These traps are legal everywhere but catch only the largest prawns. This is dissapointing to some but many people like the idea of not having to sort out the smaller sized shrimp.

This is legal for Northern Alaska and Washington.

Black bag

Standard Crab Traps

now legal in Alaska

By making the escape rings an 1/8" larger in diameter and adding an 18" rot cord the Standard Flex Fold Crab Trap (model FFT001) is now legal in Alaska. If you want to fish this trap in Alaska you must activate the 18" rot cord by cutting the netting behind it, a simple task that takes minutes.

This move has simplified our inventory and created a trap that is legal in AK,BC,WA,OR and CA.

FFT Alaska crab traps were previously sold in Brown bags. They are also good to go in all these States and Provinces.



Lift Trap

Flex Fold Lift Trap

It is ideal for pier fishing for crabs and if you happen to catch a fish you have a handy way of retrieving it.

Kids also enjoy fishing crabs with it off the boat. It suits their 'quick results' attitude.

Available directly from Flex Fold Traps.

Send me an email.

Thanks very much for keeping up to date with Flex Fold news. If you have any questions just give me an email (see Contact page).

Happy Crabbing,

Mark Philbrook